Are you ready to start your Bellydance Journey?

Are you ready to start (or continue) your bellydance journey? It’s time to get registered for the upcoming session of Beginning Bellydance!

Classes are Mondays 6 to 7:30pm at the North End Community Center, 160 E 1st Street, Yuma AZ 
August 8th through October 3rd 
No classes September 5th for Labor Day 
Cost is 20.00 per 8-week session for city residents/30.00 for those outside of the city limits. 
You can register for classes in person at the main Parks and Recreation offices at One City Plaza, over the phone at 928- 373-5200 during office hours 7am-5pm Monday through Friday (every other Friday the offices are closed for dark Fridays)
Online registration links below *there is a small processing fee for online registration*
Beginning Belly Dancing: Session III (

Now that you have all the details, I thought I would take a minute to answer a couple of common questions!

First the question I get the most is what do I wear? 
Comfy, easy to move in clothes, like yoga pants, leggings, tank tops, t-shirts or sports bras are the best. Most people dance in socks or bare feet, and hip scarves are more than welcome to be worn. I do have information on a couple of vendors you can order hip scarves and dance shoes from if you are interested. 

What happens in a typical class?
In the first class we break down posture, warm up moves, balance drills and basic isolations of the hips and chest. Everything we do in those drills are the foundations for your dance. After that we move onto learning a couple of basic shimmies, and circles. Last we breakdown our cool down stretches so you don’t end up sore and tight the next day. 

Each week we move through our basic drills, reviewing everything from the week before then add in a new move or two and eventually take those moves to build a small combination using them. 

I can’t wait to start your journey into this amazing dance style with all of you!!

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