Are you ready to start your Bellydance Journey?

Are you ready to start (or continue) your bellydance journey? It’s time to get registered for the upcoming session of Beginning Bellydance!

Classes are Mondays 6 to 7:30pm at the North End Community Center, 160 E 1st Street, Yuma AZ 
August 8th through October 3rd 
No classes September 5th for Labor Day 
Cost is 20.00 per 8-week session for city residents/30.00 for those outside of the city limits. 
You can register for classes in person at the main Parks and Recreation offices at One City Plaza, over the phone at 928- 373-5200 during office hours 7am-5pm Monday through Friday (every other Friday the offices are closed for dark Fridays)
Online registration links below *there is a small processing fee for online registration*
Beginning Belly Dancing: Session III (

Now that you have all the details, I thought I would take a minute to answer a couple of common questions!

First the question I get the most is what do I wear? 
Comfy, easy to move in clothes, like yoga pants, leggings, tank tops, t-shirts or sports bras are the best. Most people dance in socks or bare feet, and hip scarves are more than welcome to be worn. I do have information on a couple of vendors you can order hip scarves and dance shoes from if you are interested. 

What happens in a typical class?
In the first class we break down posture, warm up moves, balance drills and basic isolations of the hips and chest. Everything we do in those drills are the foundations for your dance. After that we move onto learning a couple of basic shimmies, and circles. Last we breakdown our cool down stretches so you don’t end up sore and tight the next day. 

Each week we move through our basic drills, reviewing everything from the week before then add in a new move or two and eventually take those moves to build a small combination using them. 

I can’t wait to start your journey into this amazing dance style with all of you!!

New Beginning Bellydance Classes Start Soon!

Still undecided about learning bellydance? Did you know bellydance provides an all over workout for your body that focuses on flexibility, balance, and body positivity? Are you looking for a fun energetic class that not only provides a workout for your body but also teaches you about another culture? Are you looking for not only a workout but a chance to make new friends?


That’s right we are going back to in person classes and I can’t wait!

Beginning Bellydance will be starting Monday, August 23rd 6 to 7:30 and running till October 18th with September 6th off for Labor Day. 
Intermediate/Advanced Bellydance will be starting Wednesday September 1st 6 to 7:30 and run till October 20th.

You MUST pre-register through Parks and Recreation, we will no longer be accepting on-site registration or drop in fees at this time. Classes are 20.00 for city residents/30,00 for anyone outside of city limits. We must have 10 students registered for classes to happen so please register soon and let anyone you know who might be interested that classes are starting.

You can register in person at the main offices, by phone, online, mail in or fax. I’m assuming most of you will do phone or online so here is the info for that. 
Phone: (928) 373-5200 (Monday -Thursday 7am-5pm and every other Friday)
On-line: ActiveNet – Online Recreation Activities (
(Note: There is a 2.46 processing fee for the online registration) 

Here’s the rest of the info you may need:
North End Community Center is located at 160 E 1st Street, right by Gateway Park.
I recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you can move easily in such as leggings, yoga pants, t-shirts or tank tops for example. Hip scarves are encouraged but not required! You can dance barefoot, in socks or dance shoes.
Currently the center is at masks preferred but not required status. If you choose to wear a mask I recommend bringing a second one to change out if your first mask gets too sweaty feeling. 

If you have any other questions, or need any other information please feel free to email me at
via Facebook  Yuma Bellydance | Facebook
via Instagram @yumabellydance 

HI Everyone!

It’s been a while since I updated any posts here, sadly with the pandemic still going on there hasn’t been much to update. I am continuing to teach classes on-line, for free. I’ve been asked why I am not charging for on-line classes and the simple answer is I know everyone is hurting, and I want classes to be a joyful thing to look forward to each week and not something that brings more stress into already overstressed lives and the strained finances that Covid has brought on for so many. All you have to do to join is use the sign up link to add an email to my list, and click the link on email you receive each class day.

On-line Class Information!

Due to the current pandemic situation, my summer classes have moved to on-line! Registering for classes is easy, simply follow the link below to get onto the email list. You can register for the Monday Night Beginner or Wednesday Night Intermediate/Advanced class or both and you will receive emails each class day containing the link to that night’s class. Classes start at 6pm Arizona time and last an hour, sometimes a little over 😀

All classes are free, I know many are dealing with reduced and no income, and I want to bring something to you that hopefully brings you joy and keeps you moving this summer.